The AMMRL is a group of individuals who are responsible for the operation of laboratories or individual instruments for magnetic resonance spectroscopy, including nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). The primary goal of AMMRL is to assist each other in providing the best resources possible for research and applications using magnetic resonance spectroscopy, through exchange of information and experience. AMMRL has no formal organizational structure. A steering committee is responsible for the operation of the group. Our primary means of interaction are through this email listserv and in a meeting held at the annual Experimental NMR Conference (ENC)

Membership in AMMRL is limited to those who have a direct managerial responsibility for magnetic resonance equipment (e.g., someone who manages a multi-user laboratory with several magnetic resonance instruments as well as someone who maintains a single instrument). This is typically no more than two persons per facility. Any interested person is welcome to examine the AMMRL email archives posted on our website. Any non-member wishing to contact the entire group should ask a member to post a suitable message on his or her behalf.

AMMRL members wishing to change their email address should do this from within their member settings and NOT resubscribe under a new email thus creating duplicate accounts.

To join AMMRL and gain access to this listserv, send an email to   Two emails will follow: 1) One to confirm your email and intent to subscribe (anti-spam) and a subsequent email requesting information to confirm your status as an NMR facility manager.  Once received, the membership committee will confirm the information you’ve provided and, once approved, you will receive a Welcome message detailing AMMRL policies and resources.

Necessary information for admission to AMMRL will include the following information about your Institution/Company and the nature of your position as an NMR facility Manager: